The most common things that go wrong at a wedding and how to avoid them!

It is one of the most magical days of your life and you try to ensure it is 100% perfect but sometimes, things do not always go to plan. Our team have helped 100’s of couples make their big day memorable for all of the right reasons. This experience has allowed us the navigate potential issues and problems.
Here are some of the most common wedding day issues and our view on how you can overcome these on the path to your perfect wedding.

The Guests

Whilst your wedding is your big day, it is important not to forget your guests! We often see the bride and groom so focussed on their role in the day, they neglect the needs and enjoyment of the people they have invited to their special day. This can lead to guests being left to their own devices and it makes the day seem very disjointed.
It is always a good idea to run through the day as if you were a guest. You should follow the flow of the day through your guest’s eyes to ensure they have a great day as well as you.

The Happy Couple
Whilst it is wise to consider the experience of your guests, we also see the opposite. We often see couples get far too granular when it comes to the happiness of their guests. If you try to please absolutely everyone, you are taking on an almost impossible task. This is often seen in food requirements (Aunty Joan doesn’t like Crème Brule!) and seating plans.
This is where you must step back and remember the guests are there to celebrate your union and it is you, the happy couple that need to be at the forefront of proceedings.

The Logistics
There are so many things to consider in the run-up to your big day. It is important to set out clear tasks during the planning phase of the wedding. There are core considerations which you need to consider such as disability access and dietary requirements. These need to be considered early on or risk a mad panic to find a guest something to eat or a way to access the venue on the day.

The Stress
This is a recurring theme for most weddings we plan and undertake. As mentioned above there are so many things to consider when planning your wedding it is easy to succumb to “wedding stress”. This is an unneeded addition to your important preparations. It is important to step back, relax and remember what is really important. The day is a celebration of the love you and your partner have. Your wedding day is one of the most memorable of your life and should be savoured and enjoyed. It is important to remember why you are getting married in the first place and enjoy the experience!

The Timings
There was a time when weddings did not last very long at all but there has been a growing trend that sees’s them stretch out for the entire day. This can leave huge gaps of time where people are just standing around. We also see the reverse where couples try to fit too much into their big day and the whole thing seems chaotic and rushed.
It is important to plan the day out and make sure there is enough time for everything. The flow of the day should be effortless and seamless to ensure everyone has a great time.

The Family Dynamics
This is often the most stressful consideration for the happy couple. Who sits where? This is never more hotly contested than when considering the “top table”. In the modern era families have often splintered and stepparents are more common than ever. This can cause issues with the seating plan.
Our advice would be to remember its your day and do not be afraid to break from tradition. We have seen “top tables” with just the bride and groom to ones that run the whole length of the room. Finally, if there are any “controversial” seating arrangements it is better to announce and address them long before the big day, so people are prepared and ready for them.

The Suppliers
This is another area where we see many issues and mistakes. It is important to use reputable suppliers and ones that you form a level of trust with. There are many sub-par wedding suppliers out there and some that will simply let you down which can be devastating for the bride and groom. It is important to choose your wedding suppliers wisely. You need to do your research and speak to the venue for recommendations.
We also recommend looking into wedding insurance which can help add that extra bit of peace of mind in the hectic build-up to your wedding day.

The Drinks
Weddings are all about celebrating and having a good time. However, there is a fine line between people enjoying themselves and over-indulging in alcohol which can lead to issues on the big day. Many weddings offer alcohol far earlier than most people would normally consider drinking. This prolonged period of drinking can spark issues. It is therefore important to make sure alcohol is a little restricted and paced throughout the day, this offers the best chance of limiting the likelihood of over-indulgence ruining your big day.

We hope this short guide helps with your big day and would love to hear any of your top tips in the comments section below.