Interview with a Wedding DJ

In this article Eli Gray, Managing Director of Gray Manor, talks to a wedding DJ about how to ensure your wedding reception is enjoyable and memorable for everyone who attends. DJ Chris Noon owns Chris Noon entertainments which offers a huge range of event entertainment ranging from DJ services through to live bands and casino nights.


 What do you enjoy most about being a DJ?

The fact that, after nearly 32 years, I never know what to expect as

every wedding/audience is different. In this job, you can never

pre-programme a playlist & I like to believe that I can cater for all

ages & musical tastes, no matter how bizarre they might be! The music I

play & what I say is almost entirely responsible for guests’ enjoyment

at the climax of a couple’s special day, particularly in the last couple

of hours, and I take that responsibility very seriously.


How do you decide what to play on the night?

The playlist comprises three main ingredients – the couple’s choices,

guests’ requests & my own selection of floor-fillers which I know from

experience will get the party started! There is never a particular order

to the music, as the prevailing mood usually dictates what style or

genre of music would go down the best. It’s also important not to chop &

change – e.g. playing Bruno Mars straight after The Beatles – as this

can confuse people & affect the momentum.


Biggest tip for getting a full dancefloor?

The key to getting people on the dance floor – and keeping them there –

is familiarity. Instantly recognising a song from the first few bars is

the way to people’s feet. Nobody will not dance to a song they have

never heard of, even if it does happen to be a ‘bangin choon’ (to coin a

very subjective phrase). It’s also crucial to strike a balance in terms

of ‘banter’…too much will get on people’s nerves, too little & the

couple might as well have hired a jukebox!


Any advice for the first dance? picking songs, dance moves etc.?

Every couple should take great care in selecting their first dance. Many

people make the mistake of believing that their first dance should be a

slow, ballad-type song…not necessarily. The whole point of the first

dance is that it has a special meaning for the couple & evokes memories

of a moment or time close to their hearts – e.g. first meeting, first

date, engagement etc. It really doesn’t matter what other people will

think – as selfish as it sounds, the first dance is really all about

bride & groom, that’s it.

Any advice for brides and grooms when looking for their perfect wedding entertainment?

Obviously modesty forbids me from saying ‘give CNE a call’, so I will

simply say this…try & get a flavour from your guests what type(s) of

entertainment they would like at your afternoon/evening reception. Yes,

it’s your day but it’s important to try & cater for everyone in terms of

something they can enjoy & take away from the day. In my experience as

an agent, the most popular forms of wedding entertainment are DJ,

magician, casino, caricaturist & photo booth to name but five. All these

involve varying degrees of guest interaction & will almost certainly be

a talking point for many years to come. Watch that budget though!


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