Top 6 Tips for Choosing your Wedding Venue

One of the largest decisions you must make regarding your wedding is the venue. We have seen couple’s visit 100’s of venues to find the perfect spot. The biggest mistake we see when couples undertake this often-daunting task is they do not agree in advance what the perfect venue is! It is important to list the absolute “must haves” before you visit any venue to make sure you are selecting the right venue for you.

Here are some key considerations to consider when looking at venues:

Remember Your Budget

This is a common problem when people fall in love with a venue. You need to make sure your budget is not completely blown on the venue which leads to you having to compromise in other areas. It is important to understand the venue cost and cost to decorate it. The larger the venue, the higher the cost to get it looking just right.

Location, Location, Location

Another core consideration before choosing a venue must be the location. This is directly linked to your guest list. You must consider how far friends and family will need to travel to attend your big day. It is especially important to consider location if you are intending to invite elderly relatives who may struggle with the long journey to attend. Whilst your wedding is your special day, you need to keep your guests in mind too.


This must be one of the biggest considerations when viewing potential venues. How big are the spaces you will be using on the day? This includes the dining area, rest areas and the area for the ceremony itself. You must always ask to see all the available spaces, so there are no shocks on the day. It is no good having a vast space for the ceremony but cramming guests into a small bar area whilst the bride and groom’s photos are being taken.


On the subject of space, it is also important to consider all the available spaces you will be using. It is vital to consider the core activities of the day and view the spaces where these will take place. How big is the dining area? Is there a good location for photos? Where will people be in between the various elements of the day.

Is That Extra?

When considering a venue ensure you ask what is included and what is extra. This needs to be really detailed to make sure the day runs as smoothly as possible. The most common items forgotten about when choosing a wedding venue are chairs and linen. This could make a venue seem more expensive or cheaper depending on if they are included or not. It is important to get the full picture to make sure you are comparing venues on level terms whilst understanding the demand on your budget for these items.

The Great British Weather

There are few things less predictable than the weather in the UK. Whilst you cannot predict the weather for you big day with much accuracy it is important to consider both rain and sunshine. What happens if it rains? Where will your wedding pictures be taken? Where will guests be if they cannot go outside after the ceremony?
If you create a checklist of “must have’s” before you begin the task of visiting venues, you are far more likely to choose the perfect venue for your big day. Finally, it is very important to visit the venues that make it onto your shortlist a number of times to ensure you get a well rounded appreciation of the venue and its surrounding areas.